Temporary Resident

The Canadian government has numerous systems in place that allow candidates to stay temporarily and study or work. There are numerous options for a temporary stay, such as

Student Visa

Canada is a multicultural country with students from all over the world studying there. Canada is regarded in the top ten countries in terms of quality of life, and it also offers some of the best universities and colleges in the world, attracting a large number of people to study, migrate, or visit.

A study permit is required for international students who wish to study in Canada. It is a document provided by the Canadian government that authorises international students to study at certain institutions in Canada. A study permit is not a visa; foreign nationals who wish to enter Canada with their study permit must first get a temporary residence visa. A study permit normally lasts for the duration of your programme plus an additional 90 days. This extra time allows you to either prepare to depart Canada or request for a stay extension.

Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa a temporary resident visa requires most of the individuals who want to enter in Canada on a short stay. Most people can stay up to 6 months in the country. Normally at the port of entry, the officer will decide the duration of stay. It may be up to 6 months or more Sometimes the officers will also put the date on the passport for stay. If so, then individual needs to leave before that date. If there are not dates on passport then an individual can stay up to 6 months.

Super Visa

The Government of Canada has established the Super Visa for Canadian citizens and permanent residents who wish to seek temporary residence for their parents or grandparents. A visa has a ten-year validity period with numerous entries, and parents or grandparents can stay for up to two years without having to extend their stay. This is not the same as an ordinary visiting visa, which permits you to stay for up to six months.

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